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Is Fiber Cement Siding a Good Product?

Are you considering your options in the exterior appearance of your home?  Most people want something that will last forever and will look good too. Fiber cement board or commonly known as “hardie board” is one of the most popular choices for exterior home siding.

Fiber cement siding last longer than wood siding because unlike wood it is unaffected by insect damage and is able to withstand exposure to the outdoor elements much better than wood siding as well. Because of its fiber cement composition it does not absorb water so it will not rot over time and because of not adding water weight will not sag.  Termites and other insects cannot feed off of fiber cement board so this is an added bonus especially in the southern regions where insect damage is more prevalent. Painting a home can cost thousands depending on the size of the house but with hardie board you have the option of ordering it in twenty-six different colors or you can order it pre-primed and sealed so when you want to paint you don’t have to spend hours priming beforehand.  If you don’t find out of these twenty-six colors the one that you like, it is recommended that you choose your paint from a top name brand.

Hardie board can also put your mind at ease knowing that it comes with a lifetime warranty. The most popular type of hardie board siding is the plank lap siding and it comes with a 50 year warranty which is also transferrable. There is also vertical siding with a very unique look that has the same warranty as the plank lap siding. Or there is the option of hardie shingle siding which looks exactly like wood shingles but will not deteriorate like wood and it also comes with a thirty year warranty.
As to everything else there is a disadvantage to Hardie hoard siding and that is unlike other forms of siding such as wood and vinyl, Hardie board is very hard and does not have much room to give. This gives a level of difficulty when installing because hardie board can break if put under too much bend and pressure. 

Because it is made of fiberous cement it is much heavier and cannot be cut the same ways as other types of sidings. When installing and making your cuts on the hardie plank there are a few things to consider. You may want to purchase a saw blade designed just for hardie plank. Next you should consider that there is going to be an amount of fibrous dust that should be avoided. You should make your cuts in a well ventilated are and it is recommended that you wear a dust mask or installing a filter on your saw. When installing you should pre-drill holes in the siding when using a hammer and nails. Not pre-drilling holes can result in the hardie board splitting or cracking. Using a drilling and screws makes the job much easier and provides more security to the siding. One of the easiest solutions would be to use a SENCO screw gun that dispenses screws as fast as you can put them in.

Siding your house can be accomplished be yourself and some friends, but it does require a level of skill. To make this job as easy, affordable and quick as possible it is recommended that a contractor be hired. To make sure that the warranty stays available make sure to follow the instructions.